I talked with my friend Claire about the questions I’m trying to ask myself about the part I play in diversifying literary events and projects, and I then I upchucked all sorts of things that are making me cranky (specifically how I am pissed off at salad) and I got to throw some love at a student of mine and her kickass work with The New Lens Project.

Lovely write-up at Chicago Literati about the 2nd Story kick-off show for the Story Week Festival of Writers: “And we stood there, like we were in a church, like we were going to tear apart if we didn’t keep holding on, and the tears rolled down my cheeks. This is 2nd Story’s power, distilled. This is what happens when you tell your story. This is what happens when people listen.”

The principal horn player of the Lakeview Orchestra wrote about our performance for Public Radio: “Even though I have played hundreds and hundreds of concerts, there are few times I remember being overcome with emotion — but the night Lakeview Orchestra collaborated with 2nd Story and I heard a story about triumph over adversity, the rush of excitement made it challenging to play ‘Nimrod’ from Elgar’s Enigma Variations.”