Selected Essays
This Election Might Kill Me, Buzzfeed
What Would You Grab In a Fire?, New York Times
Stand Here To Save Lives, Guernica
Channel B, The Rumpus
A Room of One’s Own in the Middle of Everything, The Rumpus
An Essay About Essays, Hypertext Magazine
Felt Like Something, Joyland
Wake the Goddamn World, The Rumpus
Dear Love and Mess, The Manifest Station
The Art of the Excuse, Hobart
Professional Development, Joyland

Selected Short Fiction
Shot to the Lungs and No Breath Left, Pindeldyboz (reprinted at Coachella Review)
Incredible, Other Voices (reprinted at Joyland & Joyland Retro)
The Flood, The Nervous Breakdown
Times Are Tough All Over, Monkeybicycle (reprinted at Shareable)
Oscar and Veronica, The Nervous Breakdown
I am the Christmas Spirit, MAKE Magazine
You Love Don’t I, Bluestem
I Asked the Guy Why Are You So Fly?, WBEZ
Letter to Mosquitoes, The 2nd Hand