The Chicago Reader interviewed people I write about, including my dad, my husband, my best friends and colleagues, and my kid. It's incredible and I cried.

I love knowing that my mom writes about me because it means she loves me, she probably writes about that too. But I don't like it when she gets up so early in the morning. She needs to stay asleep so she's healthy. Also: there's no right or wrong way to save your life.
—Caleb, Stielstra's son

I contributed to the Dear President feature at Poets & Writers Magazine alongside fifty American writers.

Here is what I said:

Our public education system is in desperate need of resources, specifically in marginalized communities, as well as a more learner-centered, diverse curriculum emphasizing perspectives across race, gender, class, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, and the multiple intersections therein to challenge all of us to be better human beings on this planet. And, Madam President, if I can focus our last few minutes on my beautiful, complicated city: Your support of Rahm Emanuel terrifies me. Thank you for listening. Please, keep listening. To all of us. Not some. All.

Audio is here.