This is my buddy Sophia. She's five years old. She carries avocados in her pockets so we can make guacamole at a moment's notice and she's fighting a bitch of a brain tumor and she'll dance anywhere, to anything, even the news, but right now her favorite song is Everything's Gonna Be Alright. I wrote an essay about how she and her mom, my dear friend Sarah, taught me to choose kindness over fear.

Thanks to all of you who have written, asking if she's okay. 

The Rumpus interview
Podcast, we say and do
Heidi's trib article
Sarah's fundraising page


Sarah and I performed this essay together for 2nd Story. I love this version. I love her voice. I love her. 

Here is more information about Sophia and her journey, and ways that we can help kick pediatric cancer in the ass.

Here is Sarah telling a story about Sophia's initial diagnosis, and how she got involved in fundraising. You can read about it in the Chicago Tribune, too. 

Only 4% of U.S. federal funding is dedicated to childhood cancer research. Sophia is being treated by drugs developed in 1958 for adult lymphoma. 

Here's a piece about Sophia and her buddy, Anthony Rizzo.