Best American Essays 2013
Briefly Knocked Unconscious by a Low-Flying Duck: Stories From 2nd Story
Listen To Your Mother
Essays on Sex & Love, Full Grown People
Mix Tape of Words
Friend, Follow, Text: Stories from Living Online 

Selected Essays
On Awareness, Tin House
Birth Control to Outlast a Presidency, Catapult
This Election Will Kill Me, Buzzfeed Reader
What Would You Grab in a Fire, New York Times
What Should Chicago Celebrate, New York Times
Nobody's Favorite Favorite, New York Times
Texts From Strangers, New York Times
Channel B, The Rumpus
Wake the Goddamn World, The Rumpus
Under Your Feet They Go On Growing, Hypertext
Felt Like Something, Joyland
Professional Development, Joyland
Midwestern NiceUnless You're a Dick, Chicago Reader
The Art of the Excuse, Hobart
Our Time Has Run Out Doctor Jones, Fresh Yarn
This Teacher Talks Too Fast, Toasted Cheese

Selected Short Fiction
Shot To the Lungs and No Breath Left, Coachella Review
Incredible, Joyland
The Flood, The Nervous Breakdown
Oscar and Veronica, The Nervous Breakdown
Times Are Tough All Over, Monkeybicycle
You Love Don't I, Bluestem
I Am the Christmas Spirit, Make Magazine
Asked the Guy Why Are You So Fly, WBEZ
Letter to Mosquitos, The 2nd Hand

Some Writing About Writing
A Room of One's Own in the Middle of Everything, The Rumpus
Before Craft, Poets & Writers
Run On, Poets & Writers
Memory (With Soundtrack), Poets & Writers
On Endings, Poets & Writers
We Get to Make a Mess, Poets & Writers
On Reading Aloud, Poets & Writers
An Essay About Essays, Hypertext
Today Was a Shining Success; Today Was a Spectacular Failure, Hypertext
Who Can Be Stuck After That: On Writing and Performance, 2nd Story
The Right Kind of Water, Necessary Fiction

Some Audio Essays
Channel B, Radio National Australia
Channel B, Snap Judgment
Channel B, 2nd Story
Stop Reading and Listen, Poets & Writers
Cut to a Real Baby: Who's Learning What About Sex Ed, WBEZ
On Yvonne Brill, The Paper Machete
NICE, Story Club Magazine